MC’ing & DJ’ing, there’s a difference?

MC and DJ'ing the differences
While it may seem that an excellent DJ is the sole author of a successful event. An MC, or master of ceremonies, serves as both mic & time controller and official host...


When you’re dancing in a club or special event and the music is hitting you just right, and the crowd comes together to celebrate, dance, and enjoy life, with everyone laughing and having a good time, it can feel as though magic is being made.

While dancing and enjoying music is the most natural thing in the world and unites cultures like nothing else – a brilliant atmosphere never comes from a vacuum. Behind the seamless and celebratory freedom of an event like this are musical professionals able to gauge the room and the ambiance of a venue and its guests, turning that positivity energy into a positive feedback loop that inspires everyone from those on the dancefloor to those behind the decks.

Both MCs and DJs need one another to create this atmosphere, serving as the professionals that keep the party going. They work together, seamlessly, to provide a soulful atmosphere and to keep the energy of the room both well-paced and flowing. If they work well, they can elevate an event to the next level, help shy onlookers feel at ease enough to join in the dance and can serve as a draw for many people in attendance.

For that reason, hiring both is a fantastic choice for your wedding day, as they not only keep the entertainment suitably arranged but engaging from start to finish.

What is a master of ceremonies?

While it may seem that an excellent DJ is the sole author of a successful event. an MC (sometimes spelt emcee), or master of ceremonies, serves as both mic controller and official host. 

Their job involves skillfully, playfully and artfully keeping the crowd engaged. This involves keeping the agenda of the evening flowing, from making announcements and having fun with the audience, to introducing songs and even delivering applause cues. 

They can help the bride and groom keep to the schedule of their night, like introducing the first dance, or celebrating and drawing attention to cherished family members. Through their theatrical presence, voice inflections, postures and stances and technique, they give an ambiance its signature and ensure your guests feel welcomed. They are extensively trained in this skillset, and are more than suitable for family events.

Compare this to a very different skillset – the Disc Jockey:

Disc Jockeys or DJs are tasked with selecting from an eclectic arrangement of records and predefined tracks to help the ambiance of an evening keep going, ensuring that the music flows well, no matter if the bride and groom, for example, are enjoying their first romantic dance, or later on, when the energy becomes a little more loose, dynamic and fun. 

DJs know how to read the crowd first and foremost, and the shared mood of the space. For that reason, they can help an event move a little faster when necessary, or slower when attendees need a break. This means a skillful DJ knows exactly how to keep a celebration well-paced, and through their technical skillset of scratching, beat matching, mixing songs, matching rhythms, and keeping the pace flowing non-stop, they help a room feel at ease. A great DJs work is often invisible, as when in the zone, you feel the results rather than objectively measure each moment’s success. That’s when you know you’re having a great time.

Finding the perfect ambiance for your event:

At ElectroPhunk we are proud to offer an excellent, professional and experienced DJ for a whole range of events. In some cases though it may be necessary to hire an MC especially for weddings (of course you may already have the perfect family member or friend in mind that could take on the MC role). So it’s worth bearing in mind that EP does not currently offer MC services.

While MCing and DJing are two separate arts, they are united in spirit, and can help a crowd engage with your event’s entertainment like no other. Of course there are plenty of situations where hiring a DJ is all that’s required.

While it may seem that an excellent DJ is the sole author of a successful event. An MC, or master of ceremonies, serves as both mic & time controller and official host...


Balearic Beat

In its truest sense, Balearic beat focuses less on any particular style of music and more on the song choices made by the DJ to keep patrons on dance floors or relaxing as they wine & dine. DJ sets by pioneering figures, like Alfredo Florito were anchored around relaxed, upbeat songs with a slow but solid beat from all genres, from pop and rock to soul, American and European disco, and electronic music.

Balearic beat also refers to a particular style of electronic dance music which influenced chill-out musical genres that followed in its wake.

Roots; Balearic beat, also known as just Balearic refers to an adventurous mix of dance music played at bars,  cafés & clubs on the island of Ibiza, part of Spain’s Balearic islands (hence the name), in the late ’80s and early ’90s. Fast forward to the 2020’s and it’s now a huge industry covering music, fashion, art & beyond.  

The breezy aesthetic of the Balearic sound—made all the more enjoyable by the sunny locations and sense of freedom they afforded—proved irresistible for vacationers and locals alike. More here – What is Balearic?

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